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Big Brother 9

News & Recaps

Recap: March 23rd - April 2nd Episodes
April 2nd, 2008 by Arnold K.

Week 7 started off with a dim spark. These episodes continue to be more and more boring everytime. Nothing really happened on the 23rd. After Adam won Head of Household, he just said that he doesn't want the responsibility and that he didn't want people to target him. Some boring cross-promo event was held for the movie 21, and Sheila, Chelsia, Sharon, and Josh won and get to see the movie. On a more important note, it came down to Adam's nominations, and he put up James and Chelsia.

The next episode starts off with the return of Big Brother 8's Dick Donato. He enters the house and wakes everyone up banging pots and pans. A Power of Veto event is about to begin and this one requires the players to drink 10 shots of something gross in 3 minutes. James wins the event and the Veto, he is now off the cutting block. Then the rest of the episode the house deliberates on who should be put up now, Sharon or Joshua. Sharon tells the gang she's better off, because she's less likely to get voted off. And so she's put up, making it Sharon and Chelsia.

The eviction episode begins with Chelsia spazzing out and hating everyone in the game. She knows she's a goner. Then we see a montage of Adam and his life, where he lives, what his family has to say. Snoresville. Finally, comes down to eviction, and Chelsia is hilariously, and unanimously voted off 5-0. Burn. The Head of Household competition then begins, and it's a trivia game. Natalie takes this one and is the HoH now.

The week 8 nominations episode wasn't drama packed, either. Because Natalie is the HoH, Adam and Ryan think they should count their blessings, and perhaps name their alliance Team Christ...okay. Anyways, a food competition was underway and after a series of confusing rules, Adam and Natalie will be the only two who get real food for the week. The others get slop. And of course to end the episode, Natalie nominates James and Josh. No surprise.

The following episode begins with the Power of Veto event. James ends up winning the event, and everyone is peeved, because they wanted him gone. Joshua breaks down into tears, thinking he's done for. Sheila and Sharon join him in his river of tears. But then he choses to betray Sharon, and asks Natalie to have James, Ryan, and herself vote Sharon off. She agrees. And so Sharon is now the new nominee on the block with Josh.

And here is the eviction episode of week 8. Josh thought he was safe after thinking he struck a wrong. Natalie tells Sharon of Josh's plan and the picture becomes clear. Yup, Josh is evitcted with a vote of 3-1 and he doesn't go out with a bang or anything. Oh, well. The new Head of Household begins and Adam takes the cake again. And that's that.


Recap: March 11th - March 19th Episodes
March 19th, 2008 by Arnold K.

 On March 11th, Josh suggests that the women should get Ryan to backdoor Matt. Well, Natalie tells Matt Joshua's proposal, because she's in love with him or something. And so the whole ordeal is made public to Ryan, and it's just a ball of B.S. that ensues. Following that, the Veto event is full of prizes that can be traded around. The rules are simple, each knocked out contestant gets a prize, but the next knocked out contestant can involuntarily trade prizes. First Sheila grabs the POV, but then trades with Sharon for a motorcycle. Adam wins $10k, but gives it to Sheila for the hell of it...oookay. Chelsia wins a Slop Pass, but trades it to Sharon for the Power of Veto. Ryan is left with a red unitard, but swaps it with Sheila's $10k. Burn.

Chelsia vetoes herself off the block, and Ryan puts up James. Matt proceeds to talk a whole bunch of crap, digging his grave.

On March 12th, we continue to see the remnants of James' nomination. Matt is still high off of himself, and Chelsia is upset with Ryan. But here comes the big surprise Julie Chen told us about. The return of an evitced house guest. Julie says that after an eviction is done today, they can vote to either bring back the recently evicted guest, or bring back an evicted guest that America voted to return. We see James get evicted, but then immediately voted back in 5-3. The Head of Household event begins, and the guests here have to hang off of a disco ball as it swings around. And guess who ends up winning? James. It's unreal, we know, a dramatic turn of events.

We move on to March 15th, where James is the Head of Household. Woo! Not much happened here, as it mostly recapped the HoH event that people didn't see live on the feeds. So, it comes down to the nomiation and James puts up Ryan, which we expected would happen...but also Sheila. Two days later, we then come to the next Veto competition. And, surprise, surprise, James wins that one too. He then backs out of his promise to Natalie that if she gave up the HoH event, he'd spare her and Matt. Well, James nominates Matt over Sheila - and so it's Matt vs. Ryan.

Now we fast forward to the 19th and we're shown Matt crying numerous times, and we see Natalie following Matt around and crying for him. Jeez. Get a grip, woman. We're then shown glimpses of Dick and Daniele Donato from BB8...and no one really cares. We see Dick meeting some rockstars here and there. Yay, for him. Sinc when did BB9 become a diary for the Donatos too? Anyways, Dick will also appear on next week's Tuesday show, so if you care...tune in.

The eviction vote begins, and it's a tie between Ryan and Matt, and James, yet again, is at the spotlight as his vote makes or breaks someone. He chooses Matt...wait, what? He spares Ryan, and chooses Matt. Natalie is torn up, and we still don't care. Matt clearly doesn't like her. Anyways, the new HoH begins, and Adam takes the cake. And that's it.


Recap: Couples No Longer and Allison Gets Booted
March 5th, 2008 by Arnold K.

Okay, okay, before we get to the alarm, let's start from the top. First, Matt gets called out for his phony goodie two-shoes B.S. that he's been spouting around, and James is the one to do it. And then comes the first eviction of the night, yup...there's more than one. Ryan and Allison are evicted from the house. But, uh, the front door doesn't open as they try to leave. That's when we hear the alarm and everyone heads to the living room. From this point on, Julie Chen comes on and tells the housemates that the couples no longer exist - it's everyone for themselves!

So what now? Well, that means either Ryan or Allison will now have to go, and not both of them. The decision is absolutely unanimous, as Allison gets sent off with a giant 6-0 boot. Allison cries, and no one really cared. And before the night could end, we're given one more twist. The Head of Household event marks Ryan as the winner...pretty good feeling for someone who was almost gone. Finally, Julie tells the house that an evicted house guest will soon be chosen via online poll to return to the house. And that's your wrap-up.


Recap: Matt Scheming to be Good and Another Power of Veto Event.
March 4th, 2008 by Arnold K.

So what's happened so far? Okay, first, we watch Allison mope around the house feeling lonely. And then came the Power of Veto event. The theme had to do with Cupid. Matt/Natalie, Ryan/Allison, Josh/Sharon, Adam/Sheila competed. Each girl was suspended in mid-air and had to complete a puzzle that was 20 feet above ground. A harness was attached to the men that acted as pulley, so if they ran down the runway, it would raise the girls upward towards the puzzle. Matt and Nat won.

Matt then devises a plan to become the good guy of the house. He's looking to get on everyone's good side. Funny though, Sharon says that she's putting a farce around Matt, meanwhile Matt is doing the same. So after that we find out that a loud alarm is going to sound off in the house and that means everyone has to assemble in the living room. This will all go down on the following episode. And lastly, at the veto ceremony Matt and Nat remove themselves off the block, and instead Sheila and Adam go up.


Power of Veto, Housemates to Force Ryan and Jen Split
February 20th, 2008 by Arnold K.

The Power of Veto event happened off-air, and it was Ryan/Allison, Jen/Parker, Matt/Natalie, and Amanda/Alex all competing. Matt and Natalie won, so they had a choice of saving a couple from the block and putting up someone else. They chose not to do so, and seem like they're all up for splitting up Ryan and Jen. So Jen/Parker and Allison/Ryan remain, which guarantees the couple splitting for the next remaining weeks.

Jen says even if Ryan leaves, she won't get all torn up about it, that it'll make her only stronger and more determined to win. We'll see. Right now it looks like it'll be Jen/Parker to leave the house next. And that's about it, not much else went down this episode. Pretty boring, all around.


Sad Secrets, Sad Attention Whoring
February 18th, 2008 by Arnold K.

We learned some things on Sunday's episode, primarily about Amanda and Alex. Amanda tells the house that her dad hung himself when she was 21. She said that he had left her a voicemail while she was in school, and her guilt says that if she'd have picked up, she may have been able to convince him out of it. And Alex share's a story of his father's death, who was a victim of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Our condolensces to them.

The show moves onto Allison, who's being a jealous priss because she has a crush on Ryan and is pissed that he's already taken by Jen. Jen and Ryan think Allison is going to tell the rest of the house that they're dating, so Jen, Ryan, and Parker all decide on beating her to the punch and reveal it to the house collectively.

The next segment of the show made little sense. Sheila and Allison start telling people they're a lesbian couple in real life. They really aren't, and are only seeking attention, you see. Then Sheila makes up lies about about how mean Adam is, but then Adam finds out and gives her a peace of his mind. She acts like a prissy brat and leaves.

Amanda and Alex are still deciding on who to send on the block. Well, they think it's time to put an end to love, and so in order to split up Ryan and Jen, they've nominated Allison/Ryan and Parker/Jen.


Live Feed: Neil Tends to Emergency, Sharon Comes Back
February 15th, 2008 by Arnold K.

So on the last episode, we saw Jacob and Sharon get booted - primarily because of Jacob's big mouth. Well, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, houseguest Neil was forced to leave the show. He walked into the Diary Room where he was told of a family emergency. Neil had left so fast that the cameras didn't even have time to spot him. Neil's partner, Josh, was then told that he could pick to bring back either Jacob or Sharon - and he picks Sharon without much thought. Good job.

The two couples who got put up on the block were Jen/Parker and Allison/Ryan. Amanda was heard saying that if she won the Veto she'd save Jen/Parker.


Live Feed: Two Couples, Two Sex Sessions In Two Nights!
February 15th, 2008 by Arnold K.

Man, it's only been a few nights into the ninth season of Big Brother, and we've already got couples marking their territories. First, two nights ago Jen and Ryan, who the house is now aware are a couple, decided to have a fun session of sex in the shower. Needless to say, the Big Brother live feeds were burning hot and on this like white on rice, like a lion on a deer, a dog chasing its own get the idea. Weirdly enough, we found Parker listening in. Umm, dude...try not to come off so creepy and get your own.

Then, last night, a new spark emerged as Matt and Natalie decided to get it on. Though to their credit, they choose a more reserved approach, one that would expose their kibbles and bits to millions of viewers -- the good ol' bed. The live camera feeds were glued to this session of hanky-panky, and this time viewers had a much better view of the action than Jen and Ryan. Can Big Brother 9 make it three in a row? Wait and see.

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Big Brother 9: Episode 2 Recap
February 13th, 2008 by Arnold K.

So Parker and Jen have the power to evict immediately after last night's win. But before we get to that, we start with Jacob talking crap and telling some of the houseguests he thinks Parker is a snake. Really? You've known the guy for a day, man. Jen heard Jacob and told Parker, who is her partner. Parker confronted Jacob, but to no avail, as Jacob weaseled out and denied. Good job, Jacob. You just badmouthed one-half of the most powerful couple in the game, at that moment. Jacob's partner Sharon gets mad...and with good reason.

So the grave keeps getting dug, as Sharon then accuses Ryan of being the one who called Parker a snake. Ryan is Jen's boyfriend in real-life...and so that doesn't boil over very well. Parker tells Jen what Sharon told him, and thus the secret quickly comes out. Jen admits her and Ryan are a couple, as does Ryan to his partner Allison. Looks like this twist fizzed out fast. Now to fizz out another twist, Jen and Parker have evicted Sharon and Jacob evicted, and so that ended as fast as it began - so no drama unfolding for those two.

The Head of Household event is about to begin, and there are special hosts! Jessica and Eric, everyone's favorite couple from BB8, are the guests. The event was a trivia game styled similarly to The Newlywed Game. Alex and Amanda took home the victory, and they are now the very first Heads of Household of BB9.


Big Brother 9 Season Premier Recap
February 12th, 2008 by Arnold K.

So here begins an all new season of Big Brother 9. We've been anticipating what the twist to this one would be, and it's aptly titled "Til Death Do You Part". Paired teams, is the twist, folks. Two contestants, who the producers believe are a great love match, are setup as a pair. They sleep on the same bed, share Head of Household status (if they win it), and will even be evicted together. Simple, right?

But, BB producers decided to complicate a few things. You see, a number of these houseguests are either currently dating each other, or have dated each other in the past. Jen and Ryan are both a couple, and have been dating for sometime now. But their relationship is secret to the BB house, and worst of all, they aren't paired up together. Additionally, Sharon and Jacob were together for 12 years, until Jacob cheated on her -- the two of them are paired up for the show.

The breakdown of teams is:


Now, the first competition introduced a concept called The Power Couple - a jab at a phrase thrown around in Hollywood to describe celebrity couples. The victor is the Power Couple, and they have the ability to immediately evict a couple of their choice. It was a somewhat like a rope climbing event, where one person had to climb a cord from a bed. Parker and Jen won the competition, and even netted a $10,000 bonus for swiping the pillow of their bed without falling.

Their eviction choice will follow with the next entry.


Big Brother 9 Houseguest Introduction Video
February 12th, 2008 by Arnold K.

So you want to get a quick glimpse at the contestants who will be running around the Big Brother house for season 9? Check out the official video CBS released.

16 Houseguests Officially Announced
February 6th, 2008 by Arnold K.

As we reported earlier on, Julie Chen has announced the 16 houseguests for the ninth season of Big Brother on the CBS Daily Show. CBS was asked whether or not there is a guest with a ‘secret’ sexual-surprise, alluding to a rumor that a transsexual may be cast, to which CBS responded that there are none. They did state that two of the houseguests are gay, but that’s it.

Below is the official list of houseguests that’ll appear on the show, with their name, marital status, age, job, and location appearing in order:


Single, 23, Realtor, from Olathe, Kansas.


Single, 27, College Student, from Columbus, Ohio


Single, 26, Bartender from Columbus, Ohio


Single, 23, Electrician, from Dallas, Georgia.


Single, 29, Public Relations Manager, from Del Ray Beach, Florida.


Single, 21, College Student, from Cedar Falls, Iowa


Single, 29, Realtor, from Los Angeles, California


Single, 21, Originally From Sarasota, Florida,


Single, 23, Roofing Foreman, from Charleston, Massachusetts.


Single Mom, 45, Former Model, from Reseda, California


Single, 28, "Bikini Barista," from Salem, Oregon.


Single, 26, Paparazzo, from Northridge, California.


Single, 24, DJ Company Owner, from Staten Island, New York.


Single, 23, Paralegal, from Fridley, Minnesota.


Single, 25, Advertising Media Buyer, from Dallas, Texas


Single, 28, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, from Boston, Massachusetts


Julie Chen to Announce 14 Houseguests
January 30th, 2008 by Arnold K.

To nobody’s surprise, Big Brother host Julie Chen has announced that she will be making the official announcement and revelation of the 14 houseguests chosen to partake in the ninth season of Big Brother. The announcement will be made on the CBS Early Show, Wednesday, February 6th between 7AM and 9AM eastern time.

Some sources suggest we may get a quick glimpse of the house and a brief tour, but that is only speculation at the moment. Stay posted for more.


Big Brother 9 Commercial
January 29th, 2008 by Arnold K.

These ads made their way to the internet and the theme is "Dirty Little Secrets". Can the "surprise" I posted about be for real? Time will tell but for now check out the ad.


Janelle To Have Bigger Role?
January 28th, 2007

The Big Brother collective love Janelle Pierzina – she does make for good eye candy, and that helps ease looking at and listening to Julie Chen. After being a contestant, her role with the show was nothing more than a few cameos here and there, such as last season.

Well, now she’s posted some info on her website stating that she will have an expanded “bigger role” on Big Brother 9. We don’t quite know the details of this, as CBS hasn’t made a mention of it. We can only assume that she’ll either host more competitions, or perhaps, more seriously, act as co-host of the show. It remains to be seen, and hopefully announced the same day Julie Chen announces the 14 contestants of the show.


Big Brother 9 Contestant Has a Nether “Surprise”
January 27th, 2008

You know, it isn’t terribly easy to put together an entry when it deals with something this unusual. But I’ll try it anyways, and I suggest you not eat or drink anything while reading this. Straight to the point: word is spreading that one of the 14 contestants on Big Brother is actually a transvestite. And not the cross-dressing kind, either. The one with a “secret”.

This news comes way from a Big Brother fan, posting under the name Alabamacandace, who had auditioned for a casting call. Here is the post she made on the SurvivorSucks message board:

“Alright, so I went to the open call in Atlanta and while I did not get a call back, I can share a tidbit that makes me think this secret thing may have some validity.

In my group of 5, there was a girl, a blonde model from Atlanta and she mentioned something like “I am dating 2 guys - one knows and the other doesn’t know” after she said this one of the casting people stopped her and said “don’t tell the rest of what the other guy doesn’t know in front of everyone else”. After we were all dismissed, she was asked too stay behind.

There was a gay guy in my group who I walked out with and I wondered aloud what was up with her and what was the big secret. The gay guy told me she was a tranny - a friend of his knew her and he told her to come to the open call.

She mentioned she had never seen the show, knew nothing about it all, and just because of her “secret” I am 99% positive she got a call back and would not be surprised to see her on the show. She was really pretty but I HATE HATE HATE that another know nothing about the game dumb bitch may be getting on because she has some sort of overexaggerated “secret”.

Even though I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to blow her spot up - I won’t mention her name - I can PM it to Aero or SoA and when we know they are sequestered I will post it.

Again, she may not be on - but they made a big deal of her not spilling her “secret” in front of the rest of us and y’all KNOW a beautiful blonde tranny from the South who grew up on a farm and knows nothing about BB is the kind of shit these dumb casting idiots drool over.

They did ask all of us if we had something interesting to tell them about ourselves “that no one knows about.”

So, having been through the casting and hearing other people’s stories - I am inclined to believe there is something to this.”

If true, it’ll certainly make for some unusual television. But don’t think this is the first time Big Brother has pulled a stunt like this, the UK version of the show has done this in the past four years ago.

Stay posted, because on February 6th, we will know all once the contestants are announced.


Big Brother: After Dark Returns
Jan 19th, 2008 by Arnold K.

CBS and Showtime have confirmed that their late-night live-feed of Big Brother, called "After Dark", will return with the ninth season when the show arrives back on the air on February 12th, 9PM Eastern/Pacific. As usual, After Dark will air everyday between 12AM and 3AM Eastern starting February 12th.

"Big Brother: After Dark was a big success for us at bringing an audience to very late night time periods on SHO2. This began as an experiment with our friends at Endemol and CBS, and I'm happy that it worked so well for all of us," said Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt.

"I'm amazed at how much curiosity there is about what goes on in the Big Brother house after the lights are out, but what better place to present that than on Showtime where we have a lot of on-air real estate in the wee hours of the morning."

This also marks the first time a Big Brother season begins in the winter time, which is solely due to the Writers Guild of America strike. The schedule for Big Brother 9 will be Tuesday's at 9PM, but Wednesday and Sunday will be 8PM.


Season Nine Houseguests Picked
Jan 15th, 2008 by Arnold K.

The casting director for Big Brother 9 has updated her MySpace page, and has announced that the finalists for the ninth American Big Brother season have been selected. This can now put to ease all of those anticipating, because if you haven't heard a thing, yet, this one wasn't yours. Unfortunately, as of this time, we have no idea what the newest season has in store. No one besides CBS does, in fact.

A rumor is circulating that claims the new season will only run for 6 weeks - and we can only imagine that's due to the writer's strike. Yes, even though this is reality TV, the competitions, challenges, the host's dialogue, and other things still have to be written by a crew. Stay posted for more BB9 updates as we get them.



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