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And the winner is…?
Sept 19th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So Sunday’s episode was a complete dud, thus no recap that day. All it had was just flashbacks throughout the season - a waste of time. Anywho, yesterday marked the conclusion of season 8. Despite being evicted, Eric actually received his final America’s Player task, and it was to get Dick to win. Eric didn’t mind at all. We see Zach walk into the jury house, and the mood dims…it’s quite obvious to them now that the game is basically over – that the Donatos did it.

We then watch a pre-recorded recap of the jury members talking to the Donatos, and the questions and answers aren’t very pretty. Jen gives both Dick and Daniele a piece of her mind, angering Daniele. Amber pisses off Daniele too by bringing up Nick, and Daniele’s boyfriend. Dick then speaks and compliments Eric and Jess, and apologizes for thinking of them as traitors at one point. A speech of Dick then airs showing him as he talks about why he should win. Daniele is upset that he wasn’t more modest…oh please, she’s upset he didn’t say “just give it to my daughter”. Regardless, she doesn’t hold a grudge over him anyways.

When we’re back watching the live show, the jury members come out and cast their votes. Some boring conversations are shown from the first five guests to be evicted – all live too. Joe and Dustin are annoying. Danele and Nick have no chemistry. Boring. Boring. Until we get to a video of Eric revealing that he was America’s Player the whole time. The video shows clips of various tasks Eric had to perform, with him voicing over every event and explaining what he was thinking. The whole house had a laugh out of it. Moreover, Eric and Jessica still seem to be very close, and are attempting to work out a moving plan – where one or the other will move closer to their partner.

After all is said and done, the final results came in and they were quite the shock. Dick won the whole thing with a staggering vote of 5 to 2! Jen and Jameka were the two who voted against him, which is weird, because you’d think Dustin would too. The guy is half-a-mil richer, and he does plan to give some of it to Daniele.

Donatos Face Off, Zach Evicted
Sept 14th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So as we recall, the seven hour endurance match went in favor of Zach, which meant that Dick and Daniele would have to compete in order to qualify for round three and face off against Zach, Before we can get to the Donato competition, we are shown some more boring footage of the tropical jury house where the last few evicted contestants are found. Jameka comes along, and of course the mood turns sour as they’re upset she was kicked off. Oh and by the way, Eric and Jessica sealed the deal…and I’m talking more than just a kiss. Are we on the same page? Moving on…

Round two of the HoH competition begins and neither Dick or Daniele saw it fit to let someone have an easy victory, so they agreed to give it their all. Both players have to properly align the order in which a collection of houseguests were HoH, and they have to do it inside a tank of water. The winner came out to be Dick, surprisingly, as he beat Daniele 12 minutes to 24. Pretty shocking, to say the least.

Dick now advances to square off against Zach, and unfortunately for the big guy, this upcoming event consists of thinking. The point of this game is to finish sentences that the evicted contestants made in the jury house. Julie reads part of the sentence, and offers two options to pick from. Zach misses the first question, and in turn Dick gets them all right. Zach is defeated 6 to his 5 points, which means Dick is the HoH, and Zach gets evicted promptly.

Now it’s all down to Sunday’s episode. The Donatos have this one down, but I wonder if they’ll split the money when it comes down to the victory, or will we get to witness the ultimate burn from one of them? We shall see.


Daniele Vetoes Pop, Jameka Axed, and Winner of Final HoH Part 1
Sept 12th, 2007 by Arnold K.

As the show winds down to an end, with only three people in the house, it’s getting more boring with every episode, naturally. Tuesday’s episode starts off with Dick and Daniele mad at Zach, because Zach nominated Dick. Well who the hell else was he supposed to nominate with four contestants left? Himself? Good God the Donatos aren’t a very smart bunch.

Since there is a lack of drama, we were shown what the evicted contestants were up to. They’re all in some tropical villa inside the Jury House where the later group of BB8 contestants will be the deciding factor in the final episode. So CBS shows a montage of Dustin in the house, then Jen arriving, then Wahmber arriving and breaking down on Dustin (ugh), following Jessica, and then Eric.

The Power of Veto competition was a matching game of sorts, where the contestants had to match a statement/fact about someone from the house. There was eight walls, each wall made up two contestants from this season. Daniele won the PoV yet again, which makes her tied with Janelle as, arguably, the best BB player. With the veto in Daniele’s hand, that can only mean one thing…Jameka is a goner.

Daniele vetoes her pops, and that only leaves Jameka on the block, with no votes necessary to be cast. Zach’s plan of hoping to win the veto and using it on Jameka didn’t work out as he had planned. Makes you wonder how such a crappy player made it this far.

The remaining three go to the backyard for the first part of the final Head of Household competition, which consists of three events in total. Whoever wins part one is safe for part three, and the losing two will then have to compete in part two. The competition involves standing on top of a stump made to look like the top of a carrot. They had to hold up this key in the air with both hands, and jump every time a mechanical rabbit came running by their legs. If they drop the key, they lose.

Daniele is the first to lose it after being worn down for hours. She cries and cries. Zach and Dick remain, and all Dick could do is curse out Zach. The mechanical bunny had then broken, and so a stipulation was changed: Dick and Zach had to choose one hand to hold the key up high with and not change their mind.

The event was downright grueling! We got to see Dick physically break down step-by-step for damn near eight hours! Go try to hold your hand up high with an object in your hand for five minutes and see how it feels. Multiply that a couple of hundred times. Zach was calm throughout the entire thing. Is anyone surprised? Look at the guy, he’s a tank. So as seven hours and thirty minutes approached, Dick finally gave up and Zach emerges the victor.

So does this mean what we think it means? It means we’re finally going to see the moment many of us have been looking forward to: Dick and Daniele will square off against each other in order to make it to the final round of the HoH competition.

Zach Wins HoH, Who Does He Nominate?
Sept 10th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Sunday’s episode started off with a recap of what occurred on Thursday. They revisited the double eviction and showed us clips that were also edited out. Hey, we didn’t see Eric tell Jessica that he loves her when she got booted. At least she said it back. I wonder if she took it back, yet? Anyways, Dick and Daniele would later strike a deal with Jameka. But none of matters due to what’s about to unravel…

The all new Head of Household competition starts and the game is about memory. Dick is the host of the event, seeing as how he lost his HoH privileges some weeks ago. There is a memory wall with 14 pictures up from previous competitions. Daniele, Zach, and Jameka have to study and remember the wall. Dick read off a question about the pictures they saw, the person to correctly answer 7 questions first wins HoH. It came down to a tie-breaker between Zach and Daniele, and by a hair Zach wins!

So now comes the fright. The Donatos have no control and it’s down to the final four. Will Zach nom them up onto the block? Dick thinks Zach will throw Jameka up there, and then have her voted out. Nope. Dick and Daniele are put up, and they are livid! Zach’s strategy is that if he or Jameka win Power of Veto tomorrow, they’ll be able to vote off one of the Donatos, and that’s what he’s shooting for. This is getting pretty tense.

Double Eviction Night, the Honeymooners Axed

Sept 7th, 2007 by Arnold K.

No room for drama in last night’s episode. As we all knew, Thursday’s airing would be a double eviction episode. Julie informs the house about the event, and they were all pretty damn shocked. So, as we remember the nominees from earlier in the week were Jameka and Jessica. Jessica was on the edge and convinced she was a goner. Well, it looks like her instincts were right. Jameka stayed safe, and Jessica is out. She knew the people who betrayed her were clearly Daniele and Dick, and refuses to bid them a farewell. She then tells Julie that she really does like Eric, and would like to continue a relationship outside of the house.

So now we move onto the Head of Household event. The event is Before and After, where Julie asks a number of questions about events that occurred in the BB house, and Dick, Daniele, and Eric have to choose if it happened before or after. Dick wins and throws Jameka and Eric up, instantly.

So now instantly comes the Power of Veto. The object of the PoV was to run through a yard of 5,000 little rubber balls that have just dropped into the backyard of the house. And out of those 5,000 balls the first person to find eight green balls wins. Zach walks away with the PoV, and of course cops out of using it. Moron should’ve backdoored Daniele, and then have himself, Jameka, and Eric vote her out. Whatever.

So now the second eviction ceremony comes along, and Eric is promptly voted out. So it looks like he won’t be torn away from Jessica, after all – so the eviction is bittersweet. Ah well, and now we come to the final few episodes. My money’s on Daniele taking it home, but it’d be funny having Zach take the whole thing, though.


Jessica On The Edge, Daniele Scores PoV
Sept 4th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Jessica and Jameka have a conversation with each other, and they’re pretty miffed about being put up on the block. Well, no crap. It’s kind of pointless airing this, as it is completely redundant. Anyways, Jessica seems to think that the world revolves around her, and has the nerve to be surprised and mad at Zach. Wait a second, woman…didn’t you nominate Zach last week? Seriously, come on, now! So Jessica seems to be taking this worse than anyone else so far, and seems to be taking it out on Eric. Weird. Why she thinks she’ll be going home is beyond me.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition and Big Brother veteran Janelle Pierzina is the one actually hosting it! Cool. The PoV occurs in the middle of the night, and the object of it makes me feel nauseated just writing about it. You are sat down in a chair and spun around for a bit (ugh…). Then when the ride is over, you have to run through the veil and stare at pictures of two fused BB8 houseguests and identify the two houseguests that have been fused into one per picture. Everyone had four minutes for the picture guessing. Daniele, again, wins this one, just barely edging out Zach by a point.

Eric’s newest task from America was probably the funniest one the show has seen thus far. The task was to follow around Dick and mimic his actions three different times. You’d think this would spark war, but Dick got a laugh out of it, as did we. Mission accomplished.

As the episode approaches an end, we see Dick trying to kick some game to Janelle – it’s hilarious. But the more pressing issue is that Daniele has the PoV, so Dick and Daniele are pondering what to do with it. Well, they did nothing, so there will be no backdooring this week. We also find out that Daniele want to have Jessica evicted, meanwhile Dick wants Jameka out. Will the Donatos come to an agreement or will there votes be split? We shall see.

Eric and Jess Get Closer, Zach Lights His Two Up
Sept 3rd, 2007 by Arnold K.

So last time we know that Zach picked up the HoH status. Anyways, the romance between Jess and Eric blossoms some more. During the HoH last week, Eric opted to just screw the competition and be given a free phone call opportunity from the house. He instead gave that chance to Jess, who called her brother Dean. She called him in hopes to see if he’d returned from Iraq – and to her delight he did.

Eric and Jess share some cute little moments in bed together, and Eric confesses about some stuff he did earlier on in the show. Jess thinks nothing of it, and laughs it off.

Uhh, yeah…and that’s about all that went on this show. I mean, after the whole Eric and Jess thing, it just came down to Zach making the call on who to nominate. Daniele tries to sweet talk Zach in hopes he’ll spare her. And then tries to score another deal if Zach nominates both Jess and Eric.

Now Eric’s task from America is to get Jameka nominated. And thus Zach’s final decision is bittersweet for Eric. You see, Jameka got nominated…but so did Jessica. But that was sort of expected, after all, he was pissed off at Jessica for putting him up last week.

Oh, well. My money’s on Jameka getting the axe this Thursday. Let’s hope I’m right.


Ding Dong Wahmber’s gone! HoH Competition Results
Aug 31st, 2007 by Arnold K.

Okay, I know a lot of you guys are looking to find out who won last night’s HoH competition. So scroll all the way down to the last sentence. But I’m warning you now that the last paragraph of this article is a SPOILER. If you don’t want to know the winner of HoH, wait until Sunday’s episode.

Anyways, things kicked off with a bang. Amber and Jameka start grasping for straws by telling Jessica she shouldn’t trust Eric. Jess is smarter than that and ignores the two, who are clearly on their last legs.

Daniele sends some weird message to evicted houseguest Nick. And Julie goes out to interview somebody close to Jameka, this time. Who, you ask? Why her church buddies, of course! The fine people of the church had nothing bad to say about Jameka. In fact, they had nothing of substance to say…which makes this the most pointless BB interview ever. Argh.

But, to make up for that Eric’s aforementioned ex-girlfriend Cheryl was interviewed by Julie. Oh yes, and she asked Cheryl how she felt about Eric’s relationship with Jessica. Cheryl admitted to being jealous and whimpered about it

Following all of that drama, it comes down to the eviction ceremony. And hysterically, Amber gets knocked the hell out. By a vote of 3-1, Amber packs her tear-repellant bathing suit, and other tear filled belongings and sent off. Bye, Wahmber! We won’t miss you. The sole person to vote for Zach was Jameka, no duh.

The HoH competitions begins shortly after and it had something to do with teacups. It was a tedious event; they had to fill up 16 gallons of tea into some bowl. But they had to do it by running back and forth…with a teacup. A tiny, stupid, little teacup. Needless to say, it took forever for the event to finish, so it got cut off. But live feeds would show us that the winner ended up being: Zach.


Tears Flow, BB8 House to be Aquarium Any Day, Eric Cops Out With Veto
Aug 29th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Let’s recap, Zach and Amber were nominated last episode. Okay, recap over. That was quick, no? Anyways, they’re both kind of pissed. Zach thought he’s been under the radar this whole time, but in reality his cautiousness probably annoyed Jess enough to nominate him. Amber, well…we all know why Amber is up there – she’s just an annoying human being, altogether. Wahmber cries, and botches up all of her words, slurring worse than a drunk. We don’t really care what she has to say, anyways.

Err, then Jess and Jameka have a heart to heart about religion, which was awkward and out of the blue. But most importantly is what happens some minutes later. The moment we’ve all been waiting, the very reason so many of us are glued to BB8 every other day…Eric and Jessica. Oh, yes, believe it. It went down last night. Eric finally grew a pair and moved in with a kiss! The make out lasted for God knows how long. And best of all? Eric would then get his newest task from America and what did he have to do? Kiss Jessica! So he walks over to her, and kisses her once more. Haha, chalk this up as the easiest task he’ll ever perform.

CBS employs a bit of cross product placement when they show a little montage of Amber and Daniele on the Power of Ten. The houseguests didn’t even know what their secret trip was all about, up until last night. Shockingly enough, Amber came out of the victor over Daniele, and was given $1000. Daniele and Amber then both cried, for whatever unimportant reason. Gee, you’d think that the BB8 house would be an aquarium by now with the tears that flow there. Good gravy.

The Power of Veto this week was kind of stupid, as they have been recently. The backyard was changed into a forest. A Cheshire Cat sits in a tree and talks to the HGs. The cat reads the answer to a riddle, and the contestants will have to jump off a stump, run into the forest, and find a toy rat that has the actual riddle question on it. The slowest player per riddle is out. Dick isn’t allowed to compete in this one, and thus loosely hosts it. The end result was a surprising one: Eric comes out the victor.

The episode ends on a cumbersome note. Eric doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers and decides he won’t be using the PoV to take someone off the block and backdoor someone else in. Boring! Take Zach out, and backdoor Jameka in! Have those two drowning in their own guilt come elimination time. Oof! America’s task should’ve been Eric using the veto on someone.

The Donatos Fight, HGs Get Naked, Wahmber and Zach Put Up
Aug 26th, 2007 by Arnold K.

August 26th’s episode was easy to digest. It was straightforward stuff. We see Eric and Jessica flirting some more, but to no avail of it proceeding any further. Then, we find out that Jen knew a secret about Eric that he didn’t share with Jessica. Oh? Jen told the secret to Amber before she left, and Amber told Jess, as instructed by Jen. The secret? Eric apparently has a girlfriend back home. So now Jess confronts Eric, and the flames never start: Eric broke up with the girl in question, named Cheryl. Jen’s plan = foiled.

We then see Dick and Daniele arguing. Daniele throws a weird temper tantrum for no apparent reason. She says she’s sick of everyone in the house, including her dad. Dick doesn’t react well to it, so the fireworks fly for a bit here.

Yesterday’s competition was a little unusual. The contestants were boys vs. girls. The object was to strip down out of a jumpsuit, and scramble a bunch of letters and form three different words out of a group of letters. It was especially weird, because they were naked doing this. They dove into a giant bubble fishing for clothing that had the letters attached to them.

The girls win the event, and they have a two minute clothing spree. The clothing isn’t rag either, it’s all brand-name stuff. So within those two minutes, the girls had to put on as many articles of clothing as possible and they get to keep them.

As the hour ends, Jessica makes her nominations: Amber and Zach. She didn’t put up Jameka, perhaps so as to not split the votes between Jameka and Amber. Either way, things could still change with a veto, but I hope that Wahber is finally kicked out.


Jen and Dick Smoke It Out, Jen Gets Evicted, Jess HoH.
Aug 24th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Thursday’s episode wasn’t really rich with substance, and it felt like it ended really quick. Jen and Dick got into a huge fight, because Jen decided it’s her duty to throw out all of Dick’s cigarettes. When Dick finds out Jen was behind it, he takes her clothing and locks it all in the Head of Household room. Burn. Jen also decides to say screw it and end her slop restriction by making normal food and enjoying every bite of it. So Dick decides to smoke his remaining cig in front of Jen, until she throws a tantrum and storms off crying. Crying? Isn’t that Wahmber’s job?

Anyways, so last week Daniele and Amber won a trip to New York to be contestants on Power of Ten. That trip occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the episode will be airing this upcoming Tuesday at 8. Funny enough, we actually see Nick in the audience. Hah. Secret-lovers, indeed.

So, as we all know, Jen was backdoored in and things didn’t look good for her. It’s bad enough she’s shoving food down her mouth in front of those who choose to abide by their sentence, she threw out Dick’s smokes, and because she broke her slop sentence that’s an automatic vote against her in eviction. Whatever chance she had of staying went poof immediately, but it seems like all of that was actually intentional.

Everyone votes to have Jen evicted, 5-0 – though the figure is actually 6-0 because by breaking her slop sentence, Jen gets an infraction of a vote against her. After being evicted, she is all smiles and is really glad to be leaving. I, personally, am sad to see her go. She was great eye-candy, even if she was annoying.

The Head of Household competition begins, and this one’s simple. You’re on a dunk board, above a tank of water. Answer the question right, you stay. Answer wrong, you’re dunked and dripping wet. Jess and Dick are the finalists, but Jessica wins and becomes HoH again. Jess has been a big of a flip-flopper, so I’m uncertain who she’s going to throw on the block. But if I had to guess, it’d be Jameka and Amber again.


Daniele Rocks as Veto Winner, Amber Saved?
Aug 22nd, 2007 by Arnold K.

Tuesday’s Aug. 21st episode started out with Jameka questioning her nomination. She doesn’t get it. Well, everyone else does, but no one explains it to her. Let’s spell it out now: the bible study preaching has grown thin on the cast, and she seems to not think Amber is a psycho. Anyways, from now on, I won’t mention Amber crying anymore. This is too much. Instead, every time you read me talking about her, just remember that she’s probably crying at the same time.

Eric’s task from America was to give a houseguest a sentimental object, and we chose Jessica – Eric’s crush, of course. He gives her a stuffed animal, and she just eats it up. Puppy dog eyes are exchanged between the both of them. Now it’s time for America to vote for Eric and Jessica to just get it over with!

The Power of Veto competition is simple. The houseguests are asked to guess the percentage a panel of American viewers voted on. For instance, something along the lines of ‘what percentage of America thinks Jen is cuter than Daniele’? The one person furthest away per guess is eliminated. Amber and Daniele were left to square, and Daniele took home the gold. Because Amber and Daniele were the finalists, they won a trip to New York City to compete on CBS’s Power of Ten game show. Which proves that the similarity between the Veto competition was intentional to Power of Ten.

Now believe it or not, we won’t be seeing Amber booted off this week’s eviction. Dammit! Instead, Amber strikes a deal with Daniele (why?!). The stipulation is simple: if Amber is HoH next week, she’ll avoid throwing Daniele on the block. Likewise, Amber will also have to vote off whoever Daniele tells her to vote this Thursday, and never nominate Daniele in the future. Ok, so maybe it’s not that simple.

And wouldn’t you know it, just like that, my vote off prediction comes to an end. I had Amber pegged for this week. But with her vetoed out, guess who got back-doored? Jen! Ouch. Now I’m not quite sure who the house finds more annoying, Jen or Jameka. Somehow I feel like Jameka is the lesser threat, so she may end up being safe this week.


Beer Pong, Amber and Jameka On The Block
Aug 20th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So Dustin’s eviction was totally priceless, and well deserved in my opinion. And because Dustin was evicted, that means Amber drained herself of all fluid within her body by crying. Anyways, Daniele is the HoH now, which means Jameka and Amber better watch out. Oh and, from the evicted depths of hell came a letter to Daniele from Nick! Yeah, Daniele would never cheat on her boyfriend with Nick. Nope. Never.

Anyways, we are then shown some montage which proves that Amber is as stupid as an ox. It made for good laughs. Amber and Jameka both realize that they’re basically screwed, because they have Dick, Daniele, Eric, and Jessica pitted against them. Likewise, Zach and Jen tend to sway towards the direction of the Donatos, and so we’ve essentially got a game of 6 versus 2. Ouch. Basically, Amber and Jameka don’t have a chance.

The houseguests then start playing a game of beer pong. Wagers are made and losers will have to eat slop and wear some terrible clothing. Dick, Eric, Jess and Zach are on one team, against Amber, Jameka, Jen, and Daniele. Dick’s team wins, as Eric sinks a shot to put them up 10 to 9.

We’re shown Eric and Jessica getting cute with each other, which prompts good ol’ Dick to pop out telling them to just get it over with already. Following that, America says they want to see Amber voted out (thank God!), and Eric can’t help but agree. At the drop of a hat, Dick and Daniele begin to talk about how they can’t stand Amber anymore. Neither can, I guys. Neither can I.

As far as Eric’s next task, he has to give a childhood woobie to someone else. Don’t ask, I don’t know what the hell a woobie is, but apparently it’s a sentimental object (toy, blanket, etc.). I don’t see how he’ll able to pull this off at all.

And so we come to the nominations, and to no surprise, Daniele chooses Amber and Jameka. She says some bullcrap about it being a tough decision, but whatever. It also looks like Jen may be the backdoor candidate.


Amber Drowns In Pool Of Tears, Dustin Gone, Daniele HoH
Aug 16th, 2007 by Arnold K.

The day of elimination comes, and a houseguest is to be evicted. It’s between Dustin and Dick. Dustin is absolutely confident that the house is sick of Dick and that he will be voted out without so much as an issue coming about it. CBS shows a montage of evicted housegest and former boyfriend of Joe talking about Dustin and his personality – pointing out his insecurities and such. It seemed tacked on, but whatever.

Eric explains to Jessica that he had a weird illness briefly, and thus couldn’t speak to Jessica. Jessica doesn’t seem to care much, and tries to hit on Eric as he’s trying to convince her to get Dustin evicted if it came down to a tie-breaker.

Eric doesn’t mind voting off Dustin, although he is a little bummed out about it. Suddenly, it looks like Eric has regained the trust of Dick and Daniele…or perhaps it’s just another strategy of the duo’s. So now comes the voting, as expected, Amber and Jameka vote to evict Dick (or E.D., as Jameka so passionately calls him). Meanwhile, Daniele, Eric, Zach and Jen all vote the opposite, and thus Dustin is done for.

And the look on Dustin’s face is the talk of the Big Brother town. It was pretty comical. The pre-recorded video farewells have Dick touting a coup that no one could’ve seen coming. And of course, the farewell from Amber had her drowning in her pool of tears. God she’s annoying.

So with that blown over, we are taken to a previous day flashback where the house is swarming with a whole bunch of weird stuff. A little person is running around shouting phrases, and has a hat with cards all around it. Then a barbershop quartet is outside singing. Back inside a cage of bunnies is found also featuring a few cards. The house is confused, but they note to remember as much as possible.

Back to yesterday’s episode, we find out that the crazy stuff would be part of the Head of Household competition. The HoH event was a trivia game, and asked the houseguests various true or false questions about the event from the previous day – such as, ‘there was seven cards in the hat of the little person’. A question everyone answered correctly Jen answered wrong, and felt stupid for not realizing she had chosen the wrong answer unintentionally.

So who wins? It was down to Amber and Daniele, but Daniele took it home and is HoH for the second time. Dick seemed ecstatic, to say the least. And I recall Amber crying some more.


Dick Wins Veto, Dustin on the Chopping Block
Aug 14th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So the August 14th episode starts off with Dick putting his game into overdrive, and purposely annoying househuests Dustin, Jameka, Amber and Eric. Banging pots and pans? Come on, now. So that means the anti-gay remarks (Dustin), the blasphemy (Jameka), the traitorous accusations (Eric), and the cry-baby Amber jokes will fledge on.

This week’s power of veto competition revolves around drinking blended concoctions of meal combinations in pureed form. Each blend you successfully drink wins you a hit of a croquet ball. Zach decides to divert any sort of attention by opting out early. There is a total of 10 drinks to be blender’ized. Each successful hit of the croquet ball gets them a point. Zach had three, Jameka with four, Jessica had five, Daniele has seven, Dustin had 8, and Dick won with 9.

Dick won the veto, and so here come the insults and the self-glorification. Everyone hates Dick even more, and Eric is annoyed with his constant belittling. Daniele pretends to cry around the house, feeling lonely because nobody in the house talks to her. And then confesses in the diary room that she was just faking it. Ooof. Then, weirdly enough, Daniele asks Dick to drop the insult strategy he’s got going on, and so he does.

For Eric, the last episode polled America which housemate should Eric begin to ignore. And the results were Jessica. This sabotages Eric immensely, because Jessica is Eric’s closest friend in the house. Now, Jessica is under the idea that Eric and Dick are in cahoots.

As expected, Dick vetoes Daniele off the block, and instead Dustin is put up by Jessica. Now we can expect Jen, Daniele, and Zach to want to vote off Dustin. And of course Jameka and Amber will vote for Dick. But Eric may want to prove to Dick that he isn’t a traitor and possibly cast to vote off Dustin, as well. Ideally, we have two toss ups – Eric and Jessica. My money’s on Dustin going home.

Sunday Aug 12th Episode Recap
Aug 12th, 2007 by Arnold K.

This episode starts out with Dick realizing that no one gives a crap about him and his outbursts anymore. In fact, they’ve begun yelling back at him. Dick feels ‘played’, because his plan with Daniele, to evict Eric, bombed. So now Daniele is crying…weird, isn’t that Amber’s job? And after all of that, her and Jen suddenly become friends! Wait, what!?

So now Dick seems to put together another plan; have himself evicted, so Daniele can stay. He begins with a set of mind games, by telling Amber how her daughter must miss her. Jameka butts in and tells Dick that at least Amber never abandoned her daughter, unlike Dick did. Burn. So Dick throws some blasphemy towards Jameka, and you can almost see the steam coming out of Jameka’s ears as they butt heads.

Looks like Dick did get to Amber, because…she cries! She’s feeling guilty for not being a good mother. This woman is flat out crazy – the crying and drug addiction? Manic depression, anyone?

So the food competition had the houseguests split into two teams of four. Daniele, Dick, Jen, and Dustin are team one, and Eric, Jameka, Amber, and Zach are team two. The object of the game? Smashing guitars and finding a dollar sign. Finding 20 dollar signs wins the game – other guitars had a slop card. Team two wins, and Amber cries again (wow, she’s annoying), because she thought God made her find the dollared guitars.

Eric’s new challenge as HoH is to get Dustin nominated, and that’s most certainly not going to happen. But Dustin says that he wouldn’t mind being nominated, which makes no sense to us. In the meantime, Eric’s other task will revolve the silent treatment and America will vote who Eric will ignore.

And so comes nomination time, and both Dick and Daniele are on the block. Jessica didn’t like their plot against Eric, and thus they are the ones selected to go home. So now it’s time to wait and see how this all pans out.

Kail Evicted, Jessica Wins HoH
Aug 10th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So the Sunday show starts off with the secret that Amber told Eric, lying to her boyfriend that she was pregnant. Dick founds out that Amber has some hardcore secret, but doesn’t know what it’s about. When Amber finds out that Dick knows of the secret, she flips out on Eric. And we get more insight on how this lie of pregnancy came about: Amber was on drugs! Explains a lot.

So later on we see that Dick isn’t a liar, and may very well have partied with some of rock’s biggest legends, when the guys from Alice Cooper and Guns ‘n’ Roses talk about Dick and in a positive light, no less.

So now comes time to vote. It’s between Eric and Kail. Dick, Zach, and Jen vote for Eric, as expected. That leaves four other housemates to vote, and that means Kail is a goner. Dustin, Amber, Jameka, and Jessica voted for Kail’s eviction. The funny part of it all was when Dustin lies to Dick and tells him he voted for Eric.

The Head of Household competition came and went, and it was a boring show-like trivia game with a buzzer, which Jessica ended up winning. Jessica has been out of the quieter houseguests, so don’t act all surprised because you weren’t even aware of her.


Bunny Suits, Pig Slop, Jen Vetoes, and More
Aug 8th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Well, it looks like Dick and Daniele’s plan to oust Eric may not go as planned. Jessica, Dustin, Amber, and Jameka have banded together to help Eric however they can. Eric is suddenly feeling cocky, and talking about how far ahead of everyone else the group of five is. Eric’s current task is that he has to flatter a housemate and win their vote.

We then realize that the tables have turned on Dick and Daniele, as most of the house has targeted them. We move on to the Power of Veto challenge, where Daniele, Kail, Jen, Zach, Dustin, and Jameka compete. The task here is simple; outdo everyone else when asked a certain question. For example, the first question asked ‘between 0-120 hours, how many hours would the housemates be willing to wear a bunny suit?’ Zach, Jen, Daniele, and Kail all said 120 hours – meanwhile Dustin didn’t, and thus he was eliminated. See how it works? And to every question they answer, they have to actually commit to their response! That’s the rub.

Question two asked: ‘for the next 24 hours, between 0-24, how often are you willing to have something dumped on your head?’ Everyone said 24 and stayed on for question three. Next, ‘how much of $10,000 would you take?’ The lowest bid wins this one, and everyone said zero. Four, ‘for the next 30 days (720 hours), how long would you be willing to eat slop?’ Kail and Jen both say 720 hours, and Zach is eliminated.

Five, ‘how many of the following five Head of Household challenges will you not compete in?’ Everyone goes for broke, but Daniele doesn’t and is eliminated. And lastly, the worst question of all… ‘you’re able to give up half of the $500,000 prize, how much will you give?’ Jen, shockingly, says all and wins the veto.

Following the event, housemates begin to realize the stupid mistakes they’ve just made for this veto. Wearing suits, having substances poured on, and eating like pigs for 30 days…all the while also eliminating themselves from five Head of Household events. Looks like the losers early on in the veto event aren’t quite losers, are they?

Jen uses the veto on herself, and seems pretty happy about the notion of Eric as a nominee. Then, Dick miraculously apologizes to Jen…weird, wonder what he’s up to. Dick then convinces Jessica that Eric is a two-faced snake, and she buys it (*forehead smack*). Jameka and Dustin don’t buy it, telling Jessica that much.

Dick is absolutely convinced that Eric was the reason why Nick was evicted, and he keeps rambling on and on and on and on about it. Well, Eric is cast into the block, but the chances of him going home don’t seem that astronomical, at the moment.


Daniele HoH, Eric Screwed, Jen and Kail Nominated
Aug 5th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So the last episode cut off while the houseguests were hanging upside down. We know Daniele won, thanks to live feeds, but what transpired during those moments is how Sunday’s show opened up. Amber fell, and she cried…again. Jen, Kail, and Daniele were left dangling, until Jen falls as everyone is picking on her. Kail attempts to make an agreement with Daniele, that if she gives up, Daniele will spare her from the cutting block. But then she changes her mind…and *thump*, Kail is out. Daniele is the Head of Household.

We then cut to a banner flying over the backyard of the house which stated that Eric and Amber were liars. Hrmm…well, of course, Amber cries…yet again. Who is responsible for this? Some of the housemates seem to point to Eric, as unusual as it may seem. Later on, when Eric is trying to prove himself to Dick, Dick doesn’t have any of it and goes off. Dick and Daniele walk up to Jessica (Eric’s closest housemate), and inform her that they want to put Eric up on the cutting block, by vetoing someone else out in his place.

Jessica swears secrecy, but quickly tells Eric everything. Eric seems to be cornered in, he isn’t winning much, he hasn’t done five full tasks, and now he seems to be a shoe-in for departure shortly.

And thus the nomination ceremony…Daniele nominates Kail and Jen (shocker). Daniele states that she doesn’t like the way Jen socializes around the house and that she’s rude. We’ll see if Eric manages to replace someone and get voted out.

Mohawks, Nick is nicked, and new HoH.
Aug 3rd, 2007 by Arnold K.

So Nick was put up on the block last episode, and Jen is free. So, in spite of his nomination to the block, Nick says 'screw it' and gives himself a mohawk. Err, okay. Once again, good ol' Dick flips out on someone, yet again it's Jen, and he blames her for putting Jameka in an awkward situation during the Power of Veto challenge. He says something about Saddam Hussein which gets both Jen and Kail upset. Jen snidely tells Daniele that it must've hell living with a dad like Dick, to which Daniele furiously calls Jen out. Daniele lets her have a piece of her mind, defending herself and her pop.

Then Jen drops a bombshell that Daniele cheated on her boyfriend with Nick. Dick then comes up to Jen and pours his glass of iced tea on her head! Then Nick gives her a little lip of his own, further pummeling Jen down. Meanwhile, America wants Eric to try to have Kail evicted. He tried to campaign it a little, but it didn't quite work out. Nick is still the favorite.

Being the favorite leads to eviction. Nick was voted out, meanwhile Kail only got two votes (Zach and Eric's). Before he leaves, Nick mentions how much he's enjoyed his time with Daniele. Following the eviction, the new Head of Household competition began and it required the houseguests to hang upside from a swinging pendulum as fake bird crap was flung at them (they didn't know it was fake). The show ended before TV viewers could see who won, but live feeds caught it all and Daniele is HoH.


God is Jameka’s Homeboy and Saves Jen.
Aug 1st, 2007 by Arnold K.

So on Sunday, Dustin dropped Kail and Jen on the cutting block for the second time in a row. Dustin mentions how he believes Zach, Nick, and Jen have formed an alliance and he’s hoping one of the trio disappears on Thursday. Dustin also says that Zach is his target, hoping that Kail fights for the power of veto.

Then we come to realize that Jameka is a bit religious. When the selection of veto contestants was going on, Jen pulled out a ping-pong ball which indicated Jameka. With Jameka a veto player now, she tossed it up as a sign from God, or some such. She said that God made Jen choose Jameka, and for that, Jameka says if she wins, she’ll make sure to take Jen off the block. Dick scoffed and said God has more important things to worry about than a TV show and a ping-pong ball. So in addition to Jameka, power of veto competitors will be: Jessica, Daniele, Jen, Dustin and Kail.

So the contestants are taken into the living room and it’s suddenly an art gallery. The competition is a picture puzzle game, and each picture represented a Big Brother phrase, such as Head of Household, Power of Veto, and so forth. Each player had 1000 Big Brother dollars, and a correct guess earned them money, while a wrong guess gets you eliminated. Dustin was winning, and should’ve won, but he decided to spend his Big Brother bucks on a trip to Barbados, and then decided to trade in more of his winnings for 5,000. Hey, that’s $10,000 in cash and prizes. But because of his actions, guess who won? Jameka! The whole house was pretty darn mad to say the least.

Jameka didn’t even think twice about it, and removed Jen from the cutting block. Nick was then nominated, and from now we have to wait until Thursday’s show to see who gets evicted.


Joe evicted. New Head of Household is?
July 21st, 2007 by Arnold K.

Certainly not the most dramatic of Big Brother episodes, as Thursday’s episode of Big Brother 8 found itself stretching out facet: the eviction of another housemate. With Daniele vetoing herself out, that brought Joe up to the block. Despite his best efforts, you could immediately tell that he was the sure fire loser of the episode. Not even his ex-boyfriend Dustin would show a grain of sympathy and voted against him.  

Dick once again goes out on the offensive, with a grain of defensive, as he exchanges a few words with Kail, after realizing that she’s cohorting with Mike in a rally against him. So after that hits the fan, we see a bit of drama unfold between Joe and Dustin, by way of Nate. Who’s Nate? Why the only the guy who was responsible for the break up of the two. He talks mostly about what kind of jerk Joe was and all of the terrible things he’s done. Not much else was said, it was pretty brief.

Joe would be then, unsurprisingly cast off the show, losing by a vote of 9-1. And then after a guessing game for Head of Household privileges revolving around the total amount of hours Jen has been wearing her red leotard, Dick came away victorious. That’s right, Dick guessed 120 hours, and the final answer was 125. Daniele guessed 145 and Mike said 108. This means that Dick is now your Head of Household for the next week. This should be fun.


Handcuffs, Eric flops his mission, and Power of Veto goes to…?
July 18th, 2007 by Arnold K.

The last episode greeted us with news of Jen being the head of household. And on the chopping block went up Dick and Daniele. Things continue to unravel as Daniele tells secret crush Nick that she’s only 20, and not 21. And on top of that, Nick foolishly admits of his alliance to Daniele.

Eric failed his chosen mission to “sleepwalk” into someone’s bed. America chose Joe, of all people (great job, America!) and Eric ended up failing. The task required that he spend the entire night, or until he got kicked out. And Eric performed neither, as he left on his own.

Mike, Joe, and Amber were chosen to go to head-to-head against Jen, Daniele, and Dick for the power of veto. Jen referred to scare tactics by targeting Amber, telling her if she helped Dick or Daniele get the veto, that she’d put up a friend of her’s (Amber’s) on the chopping block down the line. Riddled with guilt, Amber breaks down sobbing…sheesh, at least it’s not you. Relax. The same words are thrown at Joe’s direction, but Joe couldn’t care less, seeing as how he hasn’t made any alliances with anyone.

After a game of curling, aptly titled Cutthroat Christmas”, each eliminated contestant had to choose a certain kind of present. Daniele came out victorious, and so did not succumb to any of the unflattering and embarrassing presents. On top of that, she also got the power of veto and removed herself from elimination – so she’s safe.

For being one of the losers, Jen has to wear a red leotard for an entire week. Amber was given a pair of handcuffs and had to choose a roommate to latch herself onto for 24 hours (she chose Kail). With Daniele out, Jen throws Joe into eviction, to which Joe says: “Jen, if I’m around, your ass is grass.  People are going to see that this isn’t going to break me, and I’m going to fight with everything I have to stay here.”


Jen is Head of Household, Targets Two Housemates
July 16th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So you may have heard by now that the most annoying and cringe inducing housemate, Jen, is now the head of the household. Somehow these reality shows always manage to make the annoying ones stick around (Omarosa, anyone?). Anyways, clearly with Jen as the head of household, that means her two targets for elimination are father/daughter combo, Daniele and Dick. Dick especially.

During last night’s episode, Dick flipped a lid on Jen, shouting and telling her what kind of arrogant pain she is, and how she has no respect for anyone in the house. Pretty accurate depiction, if I do say so myself. Dick said he wouldn’t be campaigning against his daughter, so it’ll be interesting to see what results their nominations will unravel on Tuesday. Joe tries to cohort a way to have Dick, Jessica and Dustin eliminated – though to no avail.

The competition this week was to name the ingredients that made up a number of pies that was in front of them. And these weren’t your mom’s blueberry pies, with golden crust. Oh no; strawberry pie with hot dogs, in addition to a jelly bean pie with tuna. The women’s team (which included Joe) lost.

So now here’s Eric, America’s Houseguest, as he’s being pressured by the viewers to attempt and have Jessica booted. He stays true to his role, and makes an attempt to convince Jen to have Jessica booted – also, to no avail.

Now, Eric’s next task will involve him to suddenly become sleepwalker and crawl into somebody’s bed late one night. The viewers get to pick whose bed Eric has to crawl into on the Big Brother website.

Finally, at the end of the day, the contestants who didn’t get called safe were the two obvious suspects: Dick and Daniele. Jen says that the Big Brother house will be better without them, because of their ‘negative vibes’. Tune in on Tuesday for more.


Episode 4: Carol Evicted
July 13th, 2007 by Arnold K.

While Carol tries to team up and save herself from being evicted, her less than stellar attempt doesn't get her far. She is unable to buddy up with Jessica for this round.

To little surprise, Carol got the boot from the Big Brother House. With a 10 to 1 vote against her, it was very obvious that she didn't stand a chance to continue in this season. The 10 votes included Eric whose vote was coming on behalf of viewer votes. It was unclear who actually voted for her to stay.


Twists and “America’s Houseguest” Revealed
July 6th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So CBS has been building the hype around Big Brother 8 for a while now, what with all of their talks about the twist being something that’ll have people talking. Some time ago, we had guessed (based on a hint CBS gave and the locations of each contestant) that the twist would involve housemates that hate each other and have prior history together. In the first episode, we find out that housemates Dustin and Joe were romantically linked and had dated.

Following that bombshell, came a bigger one, where housemate Daniele realized she’d have to spend the next couple of months with her estranged father Dick. Then there’s Carol and Jessica, who have hated each other since junior high school, and their history is easily the pettiest of them all…$5. Yes, a measly five bucks, which has turned them into enemies from junior high and onward.

And who is America’s Houseguest? Eric. As America’s Houseguest, Eric is at the mercy of the Big Brother 8 watchers who will vote on his actions via polls. For every five tasks he completes, Eric wins $10,000.

BB8 Cast & Executive Producer Interview on  Early Show
June 28th, 2007

Big Brother 8 Cast Revealed, Twist Hinted…
June 28th, 2007 by Arnold K.

So earlier in the week we brought you the speculated, fake list of Big Brother 8’s contestants. The list was full of commentary and descriptions about each one of the alleged housemates, but none of it mattered since it was 120% fake, as indicated by a rep from the show. Now, days later, comes the actual list straight from CBS, so make no buts about it – this is the real thing. A vast majority of the contestants are under 30 years of age, as you can see.

Likewise, CBS has commented that the plot twist of the show will have something to do with rivals and enemies reuniting. And that hint seems to go along with the rumor of the twist being about various high school enemies sharing the house. And seeing as how we’ve got sets of contestants that are coming from, more or less, the same vicinities, that seems to be quite the plausible plot twist.

The contestants are:

Name: Amber
Age: 27
Occupation: Cocktail Waitress
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Name: Carol
Age: 21
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas.
Name: Daniele
Age: 20
Occupation: Waitress
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California.
Name: Dick
Age: 44
Occupation: Bar Manager
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Name: Dustin
Age: 22
Occupation: Shoe Salesman
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Name: Eric
Age: 27
Occupation: Talent Management Assistant
Hometown: New York
Name: Jameka
Age: 28
Occupation: School Counselor
Hometown: Waldorf, Maryland.
Name: Jen
Age: 23
Occupation: Nanny
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California
Name: Jessica
Age: 21
Occupation: College student
Hometown: Haysville, Kansas.
Name: Joe
Age: 23
Occupation: Receptionist
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Name: Kail
Age: 37
Occupation: Business Owner
Hometown: McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.
Name: Mike
Age: 26
Occupation: Painting Contractor
Hometown: Three Lakes, Wisconsin.
Name: Nick
Age: 25
Occupation: Former Pro Football Player
Hometown: Kimball, Minnesota.
Name: Zach
Age: 30
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Hometown: Burbank, California.


Big Brother 8 Cast (confirmed fake rumor)
June 26th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Have you heard rumblings of an alleged cast list that’s been circulating around the web? The cast list lists the house guests of Big Brother 8, and was originally published by BuddyTV (which got it from Reality TV Calendar). The list states the contestants name and a description of him/her, sometimes sounding a little too forward, perhaps. In any case, the same articles states that rumor has it that the theme of the show will be ‘high school enemies’.

In other words, the cast members have all went to the same high school, though all belonged to a different social group or “clique”. The obvious fault here is, how can the list describe some house guests as being old and others as young when they’re all supposed to have gone to school? Perhaps there’s some sort of teacher/school faculty twist? In any case, the list has already been debunked by casting editor Robyn Kass, so it’s fake. If you’re interested in the list, here it is verbatim from BuddyTV:

• Tara Bourke: youngest house guest;
• Tiffany Dalton: oldish black woman;
• Rodger (no last name given): teacher, older Asian male;
• Carol Ricardi: older woman;
• Gabby Ngyugen: young Asian girl;
• Amanda Adams: rumored to be a former cheerleader;
• Mitchell "Mitchy" Vance: younger male;
• Robby Williams or Wallace: young and rumored to be part of a gay teen group;
• Jared Pfifer: good looking;
• David Mertz: man in his forties;
• Andi (no last name given): woman in her early twenties;
• Morgan (no last name given): older male, possibly gay;
• Melanie (no last name given): comes from Florida (possibility that she didn't make the final cut); and
• Unidentified male: no information.
The season premier will launch July 5th.


Viewers Get More Interaction With Big Brother 8
June 26th, 2007 by Arnold K.

It’s a little hard to believe when Big Brother 8 executive producer Allison Grodner speaks out to Variety telling them that the viewer will be far more involved in season 8 than ever before. "This year, there will be something die-hard fans will love," Grodner tells Daily Variety. "It will give them the opportunity to participate even more than they have in the past."

Grodner is lightly touching up on a play-at-home feature that Big Brother 8 will tout, and unfortunately, the details behind that feature are very sketchy and unspecified.

"The show has always been kind of ubiquitous, even before it became cool to do that," CBS reality programming and new media head Ghen Maynard told Variety. "This year, there are going to be some new things that make the show even more ubiquitous and interactive."

In terms of interactivity, CBS has already announced the BB8: After Dark show that’ll air on cable, on top of the streaming internet feed. Likewise, Variety mentions the ability to influence the Big Brother house with text messages, but they don’t go into specifics on that either.

Grodner states that the show has become a staple of summer that the country looks forward to every year. "It's not just about sitting down and watching television," Grodner told Variety. "We're a summer event that's always with you. I don't think any other show has that sort of reach."

The focus of this season is also “good storytelling” according to Maynard, with the contestants battling out for the $500,000 grand prize. Hey, I thought reality TV didn’t have stories so how can they promise us that? I’m digressing…

"It's important to make sure you don't betray the vision of the show," Maynard told Variety. "If you do too many tricks or stunts, you betray that." Hmm, so could they possibly be playing it a little safe and let the chaos stir naturally from the housemates? We’ll see.


Liam of Big Brother 8 (UK) Wins £100,000
June 21st, 2007 by Arnold K.

Being a tree surgeon may not be the best paying job out there, but apparently landing that gig for Big Brother 8 paid off ten-fold for house member Liam. The Lanchester native was all tears after realizing he had won the £100,000 jackpot, and popular belief around the housemates is that the 100k was also the show's grand prize. Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen, but the sum sure does is quite hefty and the thought of something larger is quite interesting.

Likewise, the moments leading up the event were after housemates Jonathan Carole and Seany were all cast to the Diary Room at which point they found that they were the three chosen for the upcoming eviction vote. "Bad luck," said 'Big Brother' before adding, "your luck is about to get even worse".

Because the three were not eligible for consideration of the grand prize, Big Brother ordered them one minute to ponder who over who they felt should have it. Theh debate was between Ziggy and Liam, but it quickly turned one-sided as the three all chose Liam. "We had one minute to decide who to give the £100,000 to and we chose Liam," Carole said.

As stated earlier, Liam was all tears, apologizing to his dad for his emotions on live TV. Emotions and confusion were quick to pile on, with doubs and questions everywhere. Could this really have been the grand prize? What's the point of the show now? Well, Davina McCall assures the fanbase that this wasn't the grand prize. Still, how will Liam's personality change from here on? Was this a purposeful setup mascaraded as an attempt to turn the housemates against another one early on in the program and watch the drama unveil? Possibly.

We've still got the entire summer left. And things are getting pretty fiery.


Showtime To Air BB8 Live Cams
June 11th, 2007 by Arnold K.

For a while now we've been treated to Big Brother via two mediums: 24/7 live internet and the actual TV show that airs on CBS. Well, there'll be a third option that'll be available on Showtime Too (CBS's wholly owned subsidiary). The live feed will be televised only during the night time, so if you want the true Big Brother experience the 24/7 online feed is your best bet.

Julie Chen will continue to host the eighth season of the North American Big Brother, with the premiere set for Thursday, July 5th at 8PM EST/PST. The following episodes will air on Sunday Juy 8th @ 8PM EST/PST, and Tuesday, July 10th @ 9PM EST/PST.

The program details for the late-night Showtime Too Big Brother will be called "Big Brother: After Dark" and it'll air nightly between 12AM to 3AM EST. And because the show is taped in Los Angeles, when you tune in to Showtime Too on the day of the premiere, you'll see the live footage from what's happening at the house between 9PM-12AM.

"That's primetime for the Big Brother house," executive producer Allison Grodner told Daily Variety. "It's when our houseguests are most wide awake and having fun, talking about strategy and playing the game."

Because Big Brother: After Dark will be on cable, profanity and nudity will not be censored. The only time the show will be censored and perhaps cut off is if the housemates "say anything slanderous or that violates music copyrights," according to Variety.

And don't forget, you'll be able to watch all of the episodes on free of charge.


Big Brother 8 Announced, Producer Swap Made
June 1st, 2007 by Arnold K.

After premiering way back in July 2000, CBS has announced that they've ordered an eighth season of Big Brother to be hosted once more by Julie Chen. CBS cites a reduced role for Arnold Shapiro who had been the executive producer for the show's past six seasons. The splitting of ideas between Shapiro and Grodner had caused some unwanted attention for CBS and the show some years ago.

With the conclusion of season four, Shapiro and Grodner Productions (their production company) originally signed a deal with CBS to produce the three following seasons of Big Brother. But the two backed out a year later, citing that they'll continue to remain behind the show, but that their collective ideas for future concepts aren't in-synch. In other words, they'd continue to work on their current projects, but development of new projects would be done separately.

"We're at different stages in our respective careers," Grodner told Daily Variety in October 2004. "It's an amicable split of projects and directions." It must be noted that Grodner is also 20 years younger than Shapiro, and so the different sights are understandable.

CBS says Shapiro will remain an "executive consultant" for Big Brother 8, but that the show will be produced by Allison Grodner Productions from here on, pending further notice. Rich Meehan, former executive producer of various seasons, will continue his role and be the executive producer for the eighth season, alongside Grodner.

"[I'm] gratified that Allison and I were able to successfully 're-invent' Big Brother 2 and turn the series into an annual summer hit," Shapiro told Variety.

"We consider All-Stars sort of the end of an era, and now we're getting a chance to start once again with a fresh cast and new twists," Grodner told Variety.


Big Brother 8 Casting Calls
March 24th, 2007 by Arnold K.

Big Brother has been setup for an eighth season, and that means casting calls have become official and contestants are not being looked over. CBS has launched their Big Brother 8 application site asking for those candidates that feel they're the perfect Big Brother house guest. The requirements are the standard: outgoing, intriguing, competitive-type. Basically, are you interesting (and now necessarily in a Harvard/scholarly way) and do you have potential for some ratings? The stipulations are of course: 24 monitoring, being watched by millions, living with strangers and competing for a prize of $500,000.

Check out CBS's website for the applications and further information. The deadline is April 20th.


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