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Big Brother 11

News & Recaps

BB11 Gears Up For First Eviction
July 16th, 2009 by Arnold K.

The first eviction for BB11 is going to have happened by the time you read this, and if you'd like to know what exactly led up to it, here's your recap. After playing a game of popping pimples and spelling words with their pops (think, connect the dots), Russell won the power of veto. At that point Chima was put up on the block, despite being told she was safe. Lydia speaks to Jessie and Russell in hopes of not being eliminated, but also told them that Braden should be watched out for. So the guys listened and decided to remove Lydia off the block, and put up Braden.

While all of this is going on, friends and enemies are being made. All the while alliances are slowly beginning to wither. Jeff opened his mouth and made some remarks against his group. And Ronnie was accused of divulging information to Braden. Stay posted for the results of the eviction.


Big Brother 11 Premiere Recap
July 9th, 2009 by Arnold K.

So last night’s premiere came on, and in case you missed it, here’s the recap. First off, BB11 has a new shtick it’s playing with. This one is High School Cliques. The guests are split up into four teams: Populars, Athletes, Brainiacs, and Off-Beats (the losers). The houseguests enter and Julie Chen informs them of their twist. She also adds that if you’re the HoH, your whole team cannot be voted out.

The teams consist of:

Athletes: Jeff, Russell and Natalie
Off Beats: Lydia, Kevin and Casey
Popular: Jordan, Laura and Braden
Brains: Michele, Ronnie and Chima

So comes the HoH event and guess what? There’s a twist. You see, each team was assigned a representative of sorts, a former BB houseguest. The list included Cowboy (BB5), Jessica (BB8), Jessie (BB10), and Brian (BB10). Whichever team wins, the former HG that was attached to them becomes the HoH. The Athletes were able to win the endurance test, and their former HG was Jessie, making him the Houseguest. Now Jessie will have to nominate either the brains, losers, or populars.


Big Brother 11 Houseguests Revealed
July 6th, 2009 by Arnold K.

Here it is, everyone. BB11 starts soon and the list of houseguests is out. You may notice there are only 12 guests on the list, when we were promised 13. It turns out that the 13th guest is part of the new season’s twist and will be revealed during the premier night, July 9th! So stay tuned for that, because it’s obviously going to be something really cool and special – perhaps a past houseguest from another season or even a celebrity?

Braden Bacha, 28
Santa Monica, Calif.


Casey Turner, 41
Lakeland, Fla.
Fifth Grade Teacher


Chima Simone, 32
West Hollywood
Freelance Journalist


Jeff Schroeder, 30
Norridge, Ill.
Advertising Salesman


Jordan Lloyd, 22
Matthews, N.Carolina


Kevin Campbell, 29
Chula Vista, Calif.
Graphic Designer


Laura Crosby, 21
Atlanta, Ga.
Single Single
Bikini Model


Lydia Tavera, 24
Torrance, Calif.
Special Effects Make-Up Artist


Michele Noonan, 27
Pasadena, Calif.


Natalie Martinez, 24
Gilbert, Ariz.
Tae Kwon Do Champion


Ronnie Talbott, 30
Belpre, Ohio .


Russell Kairouz, 24
Walnut Creek, Calif.
Mixed Martial Arts Fighter


Big Brother 11 Premiere Date Announced
June 19th, 2009 by Arnold K.

The eleventh season of Big Brother is upon us, and CBS has finally revealed the premiere date for the all new show, and it'll be Thursday July 9, 2009 at 8PM. We've yet to see the final list of houseguests, but in the meantime, at least we know when to tune in. Following the July 9th premiere, the schedule for each episode thereafter will be Sundays at 8PM, Tuesdays at 9PM, and Thursdays at 8PM.

Also, the online Big Brother talk show, House Calls, has been axed after CBS failed to find a sponsor for it. We also don't know what the plan is for the Showtime BB: After Hours program, as CBS hasn't announced anything on that yet.

Media Day for Big Brother 11
June 19th, 2009 by Arnold K.

So today began a 15 hour media day for Big Brother 11. And this media day consists of the BB11 house, a number of celebrities, including Perez Hilton, presenters from Access Hollywood and Extra, and 15 hours of Big Brother trials while the producers get ready for the show's 11th premiere. What exactly do these trials consist of? Well, basically, the celebrities have agreed to play a 15 hour version of Big Brother where they are completely closed off from the real world. They will be doing vote offs, eating slop, having HoH contests, and even holding the status-quo competitions.

This simulation, if you will, is for the producers of the show to make sure all of the camera angles, sound, lighting, and other aspects are in check to ensure everything is fine and dandy during the new episodes, which will begin July 9th.


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